Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pasadena Police to the Rescue

When 2006 Rose Queen Camille Clark (center in photo) called 9-1-1 last week to report that someone was breaking into her home, one of our Pasadena Police Department dispatchers stayed on the line with her for more than 20 minutes until the suspects had been apprehended.

First on the scene was one of our helicopters.

The flight crew saw the suspects fleeing the property and quickly radioed patrol officers with the location. Three suspects were taken into custody quickly. Another suspect, who was in a car, drove directly toward an officer.

The quick-thinking officer fired several shots at the suspect's vehicle before the guy finally was stopped by another officer who had blocked the road with his patrol car. That suspect was booked for attempted murder.

During a press conference yesterday at our police heliport, Police Chief Bernard Melekian and other Pasadena police officials announced that they are reasonably certain the suspects are responsible for dozens of burglaries in the San Gabriel Valley.

Pasadena PD and L.A. County Sheriff's Department had received warrants to do searches as part of the criminal investigation. Many items confiscated during the searches were on display during the press conference, including automatic rifles, handguns, jewelry, cell phones, digital cameras and a guitar, all totaling between $70,000 and $200,000 in value.

Also confiscated and on display were what police think are some of the tools of the burglars' trade, including skull caps, a crow bar, gloves and walkie-talkies.

Chief Melekian also read a statement of thanks from Ms. Clark's parents.

Let's hear it for Pasadena PD!!!!


Cafe Observer said...

I'm so glad the former Queen is safe.

What's up with her since float riding days?

Petrea said...

I heard about this but didn't know her majesty was involved. I'm glad she's okay. Extremely proud, also, of our Finest. The word is out: don't mess with the PPD.

altadenahiker said...

Well told!

Cafe Observer said...

PIO, how can we get some of those Yucatan tamalez way before Christmas?

Sharkey said...

But helicopters are so noisy.

Petrea said...

Really, Sharkey. You'd think the perps would have gotten out of there faster when they heard the rotors. Not that smart, I guess.

JM in Pasadena said...

I detect a bit of sarcasm in Sharkey's post.

Todd said...

When you and Bill need a break from speechwritingfest, roll by Bar Celona for some brief inspiration.