Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mystery History -- Solved!

I stumped everyone this week. With everything coming up roses in just two days, I decided to post a coronation photo.

But it's not the Rose Queen!

In the photo above, Susan DeClercq is crowned Pasadena City College's 1960 Red and Gold Queen by Dr. Catherine Robbins, PCC president, as other members of the court look on.

The 2011 Rose Queen, Evanne Friedmann, will be showcased with her court in the Rose Parade -- just two days away!

Many thanks to PCC and Tournament of Roses.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Press Conference at the Rose Palace

This morning while floats were being decorated all around us, we conducted a press conference at the Rose Palace about safety and enforcement measures for the 2011 Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game.

In the photos above, Fire Chief Dennis Downs addresses the media.

Here's the Rose Palace exterior. You've passed it a jillion times. It's at 835 S. Raymond Ave. and is owned by the Tournament of Roses Association for decorating floats.

Police Chief Phillip Sanchez was up next:

And then Darryl Dunn, general manager of the Rose Bowl Stadium:

After the speakers were finished, there were side interviews with reporters. Here's Chief Sanchez being interviewed by KNX Radio while Darryl Dunn is interviewed by Brian Charles of the Pasadena Star-News:

Police Sgt. Bobby Lomeli, who ordinarily works with public schools, did a Spanish-language interview with Telemundo:

How does a PIO get the media to come to a press conference? With a simple e-mail:

MEDIA CONTACT: Lisa Derderian, Fire Department, (626) 744-7276

Hundreds of thousands of people line the Rose Parade route on New Year’s Eve in anticipation of the parade the next day, and more than 90,000 football fans attend the Rose Bowl Game on Jan. 1. This Wednesday, officials will conduct a press conference to explain important safety measures for revelers along the parade route and at the Rose Bowl Stadium, and plans for responding to situations in which people break the law or are in need of medical attention.

Wednesday, Dec. 29
10 a.m.

Rose Palace
835 S. Raymond Ave. in Pasadena

Limited parking is available at Rose Palace for media (on-site security will direct you in); there is additional parking across the street.

• Dennis Downs, Pasadena Fire Chief
• Phillip Sanchez, Pasadena Police Chief
• Bill Flinn, Tournament of Roses Chief Operating Officer
• Darryl Dunn, Rose Bowl General Manager
(The 2011 Tournament of Roses theme float “Building Dreams, Friendships and Memories” will serve as a backdrop.)

Enhanced security measures will be in effect and very evident along the parade route and at the stadium. Typical calls for response include medical issues, alcohol-related incidents and illegal burning. The Rose Palace is owned by the Tournament of Roses Association and used for the construction of floats.

# # #

Ann Erdman
Public Information Officer
City of Pasadena
Public Affairs Office
100 N. Garfield Ave., Room S228
Pasadena CA 91109
(626) 744-4755
Cell: (626) 375-2742
Facebook: Pasadena PIO
Twitter: pasadenapio

Lisa Derderian, our emergency management coordinator and PIO in the Fire Department, gave me the basic info and I put the alert together quickly and sent it out. Lisa and I make a great team!

I don't know how it is that she wasn't in any of the photos I shot this morning.

So just for giggles, here once again (as if we would ever tire of it!) are the photos of Lisa in her fire PIO hat and me in my makeshift city PIO hat that was created out of sheer jealousy:

I have a newer version in my office if you ever want to come visit it! Both of my PIO hats were made by the mighty Zack Stromberg of the Public Affairs office.

On Friday I'll post some photos of the float decorating that was taking place in the cavernous building.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mystery History

Where are we? And what's happening?

The first person to guess correctly will win a fabulous prize!

I'll have the full scoop on Thursday.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Double Rainbow

This was shot Wednesday by Dan Rix, our city engineer in the Public Works Department. His office is on the third floor at City Hall.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mystery History -- Solved!

Julie wins with her 11:39 a.m. Tuesday guess "When the circus came to town...."

In the photo above, the tents are all set up in the Arroyo Seco for the Clyde Beatty and Russell Brothers' Combined Circus, which was in town for two days in May 1944.

Here's an excerpt from a Pasadena Star-News article published May 4, 1944:
Highlighting the two-hour, star-studded program is Clyde Beatty, world's foremost wild animal trainer, who appears in person at every performance with the world's largest group of performing jungle-bred lions and tigers.

Daring death twice daily...Beatty presents a startling and thrilling exhibition exemplifying man's dominance over the most savage, cruel, bloodthirsty and ferocious beasts of the jungle...

...Additional thrills are provided by the world-renowned Flying Concellos exemplifying the poetry of motion in the air in a sensational exhibition of aerial agility on the flying trapeze; Miss Estrelita, top-ranking exponent of thrilling heel and toe patches at dizzy heights; the Great Olveras, world's most astounding head balancing perch act; Mario, unrivaled and amazingly versatile genius of the tight wire, and scores of other aerial, arenic and trained animal exhibitions punctuated by the absurd antics of a comical contingent of clowns.
Here's a photo from the article:

Caption: Clyde Beatty, world's foremost wild animal trainer, who dares death twice daily in the Clyde Beatty and Russell Bros. Combined Circus battling 40 ferocious, blood-thirst, jungle-bred lions and tigers in a mammoth steel arena.

And a photo from a May 2, 1944, article:

Caption: An aerial ballet girl files the toenails of Big Margaret, one of the star pachyderm performers of the New Clyde Beatty and Russell Brothers Combined Circus coming to Pasadena Friday and Saturday of this week. According to attendants, the elephant really likes the treatment.

Circuses that feature "wild or exotic animals" are no longer allowed to set up shop in public rights of way per the Pasadena Municipal Code, which also outlaws rodeos in public areas. The amendment to Title 8 of the code was approved by the Pasadena City Council on Feb. 5, 2001.

Many thanks to Pasadena Public Library.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mystery History

Where are we? And what's happening?

The first person to guess correctly will win a fabulous prize!

I'll have the full scoop on Thursday.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Looking for Something to Do?

Monday, Dec. 20, at 6:30 p.m. -- A District 6 town hall meeting will highlight proposed road safety improvements in the Madison-Cordova area.

Wednesday, Dec. 22, at 1 p.m. – This week’s film in the Donald R. Wright Auditorium at Pasadena Central Library, 285 E. Walnut St., is the American Ballet Theatre production of “The Nutcracker” (1977, G) featuring Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gelsey Kirkland in the tale of a girl who falls asleep on Christmas Eve after a party and dreams herself into a fantastic world where toys become larger than life and the nutcracker prince defends her from the mouse king. (626) 744-4066.

Thursday, Dec. 23, at 3:30 p.m. – Watch as the pages of the popular children’s book “The Spiderwick Chronicles” come to life on the movie screen at La Pintoresca Branch Library, 1355 N. Raymond Ave. (626) 744-7268.

Friday, Dec. 24, and Saturday, Dec. 25 -- City of Pasadena administrative offices, libraries and community centers will be closed.

Please note all events listed above are free.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mystery History -- Solved!

Bellis wins with her 10:02 a.m. Tuesday guess "Construction of a water tunnel at Devil's Gate dam?"

In the 1934 photo above, an unidentified man stands at the entrance of a water tunnel at the dam.

Here's the dam under construction in 1920:

Before construction began, Devil's Gate looked like this (see the devil's profile?):

I've done other Mystery History contests about Devil's Gate in the past. Learn more about its history here.

Many thanks to Pasadena Public Library.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mystery History

Where are we? And what's happening?

The first person to guess correctly will win a fabulous prize!

I'll have the full scoop on Thursday.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Memory Card Full

I'm really bad about deleting photos from my camera, even after I've uploaded them to the computer. Yesterday I got the "Memory Card Full" message, so I decided to share some with you from the past few weeks and months.

In the photo above, this merry threesome -- Nancy Melekian, Jan Sanders and Judy Kent -- and I had dinner together at Celestino on Saturday night. They all wore red, which was definitely photo-worthy. I didn't get the memo, so I showed up in fuchsia.

U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff was the guest in the elected official's chair last month for a KPAS "City Beat" taping. Left to right are "City Beat" producer/director Stuart Johnson, Schiff, your favorite host, André Coleman of the Pasadena Weekly and Frank Girardot of the Pasadena Star-News.

I was the auctioneer and Huell Howser was the MC at the Pasadena Senior Center's gala benefit. I only wore my fancy chapeau during the live auction and for this photo. You can come visit it in my office anytime!

The official crowning of the Rose Queen and her court is an elegant and exciting event every year. Here's Tournament of Roses President Jeff Throop and his wife Angel with the lovely young women at the close of the ceremony.

Ritch Wells, the City of Glendale's PIO, retired last month. I was asked to say a few words at his farewell party in the Community Room at the Glendale Police Department, which I was so happy to do. I presented him with a Pasadena City Hall tapestry blanket (on the table at right), then tearfully gave him a big hug. I sat on the interview panel for the Glendale PIO position about 15 years ago when Ritch was hired. The Pasadena, Glendale and Burbank PIOs meet for lunch quarterly to discuss shared issues and have a little fun. Ritch is now the alumni member of the group!

In October there was a Pasadena First: Buy Local open house where local business representatives met with city staff who provided advice on departmental purchasing needs.

Brian Biery and I used to work very closely together during the years when he headed up the Neighborhood Connections Office. After all, I'm all about community outreach and that office is all about neighborhood outreach. Now Brian is the director of community organizing for the Flintridge Center. We had lunch at the Pasadena Sandwich Company recently. He was checking my latest blog post when I shot this.

Joyce Wong was the graphic designer in the Public Affairs Office for a few years. She moved back home to Hong Kong to care for her ailing mother about five years ago. Ruby, in her 90s, bounced back and is in better shape than any of us, and Joyce decided to stay in Hong Kong anyway. She was visiting here a couple of weeks ago, and Linda Centell and I met her for dinner at Mijares.

Daryl Evans, the radio color commentator for the Los Angeles Kings, and the team mascot Bailey, addressed the Pasadena City Council in support of a new ice rink.

Ten PIO pals and I who have known each other about 25 years get together in Palm Springs every year to catch up with each other and enjoy some R&R. Here's the gang earlier this year having breakfast at our hotel before hitting the pool area. Starting at left front are Heather Morris, director of communications for the Port of Long Beach; Dave Liebler, director of public affairs and member services for the California State Association of Counties (CSAC); Sheri Benninghoven (leaning forward), former director of communications for the League of California Cities and now president of SAE Communications; Judy Rambeau Franz, former assistant to the city manager/communications for the City of Santa Monica (retired); Scott Summerfield (with our server), former PIO for the City of Newark and now principal at SAE Communications; Tom Manheim, director of communications for the City of San Jose; Karen George, former PIO for the City of Fremont and now PIO for the Anoka-Hennipen School District in Minnesota; yours truly; and Norm Franz, Judy's husband.

Not shown (because they couldn't make it this year) are Sue Schlerf, assistant city manager for the City of Reno; Mike Maxfield, former PIO for the City of Claremont (retired); and Debbie Thornton, former communications manager for the League of California Cities and now marketing director for Unify Corporation.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking for Something to Do?

Tuesday, Dec. 14, from 8 to 10 a.m. –- If you own a small business, are a business manager or are on a local sales team, plan on attending “E-marketing Unplugged,” a workshop sponsored by the City of Pasadena and the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce in the Press Box (second floor) of the Rose Bowl Stadium. Enter through Gate F.

Tuesday, Dec. 14, at 10 a.m. –- Flights of Fantasy Story Theatre will entertain children with stories about Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and the wonder of the solstice in the Donald R. Wright Auditorium at Pasadena Central Library.

Tuesday, Dec. 14, at 4 p.m. –- Children will make winter crafts at Hastings Branch Library.

Wednesday, Dec. 15, at 10:30 a.m. -– Preschoolers will have a happy holiday storytime at San Rafael Branch Library.

Wednesday, Dec. 15, at 1 p.m. – This week’s film in the Donald R. Wright Auditorium at Pasadena Central Library is “A Christmas Carol” starring George C. Scott as Scrooge. (626) 744-4066.

Wednesday, Dec. 15, at 6 p.m. -- Why should you care about California's new green building code and Pasadena's amendments to it? Learn more at a meeting at the Permit Center (enter through the Ramona Street door).

Wednesday, Dec. 15, at 6:30 p.m. -– What’s the future of Lincoln Avenue? There have been a number of focus groups and other meetings about the draft Lincoln Avenue Specific Plan. Learn more and review a draft of the plan at the Northwest Education Center.

Thursday, Dec. 16, from 3 to 6:30 p.m. -– The Neighborhood Connections Office will host a holiday open house where you’ll enjoy refreshments and meet neighborhood leaders and city officials at 1384 E. Walnut St. (626) 744-7290.

Thursday, Dec. 16, at 3:30 p.m. –- Make ornaments, listen to stories, enjoy special treats and help decorate the Christmas tree at Lamanda Park Branch Library, 140 S. Altadena Dr. (626) 744-7266.

Saturday, Dec. 18, at 10 a.m. -– Children will enjoy holiday fun and hear stories about Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa in the Story Room at Pasadena Central Library.

Saturday, Dec. 18, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. -– The Festival of Giving at Victory Park, 2575 Paloma St., will include photos with Santa, arts and crafts, a gift-wrapping fundraiser and a bake sale. Please consider bringing a new, unwrapped gift for the Spark of Love Toy Drive and non-perishable food items and gently used outerwear for Union Station Homeless Services. Please note that items for donation may be dropped off at Victory Park through Dec. 23. (626) 744-7507.

Please note all events are free and open to the public. See more community events here.

Friday, December 10, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Last night the colorful lights on the City Hall Christmas tree were turned on during a special holidy celebration.

The tree was put in place and decorated on Monday by the Public Works Department.

Yours truly served as MC last night.

The Pasadena City College Brass Quintet performed music of the season...

...much to the delight of residents and employees.

Mayor Bill Bogaard flipped the switch that turned on thousands of energy-saving LED lights donated by Pasadena Water and Power.

Many people brought toys and sports equipment to donate to the Spark of Love Toy Drive co-sponsored by the Pasadena Fire Department.

Pasadena firefighters loaded the gifts into a Pasadena Fire Department ambulance, which later transported the presents to a local fire station for wrapping and then distribution to needy infants, children and teens.

Thanks for coming, everybody!

Many thanks to the mighty Zack Stromberg of the Public Affairs Office for the photos.