Monday, May 11, 2009

Fire Service Day

Saturday was a busy day in Pasadena! One of the events was Fire Service Day, when all Pasadena fire stations had open houses.

I went to Station #33 on North Lake Avenue where there were also demonstrations throughout the day.

Visitors were welcomed with festive balloons, friendly greetings, food and plenty of educational information.

Sparky the firehouse dog greeted each child.

Everyone was allowed to get up close -- and inside -- emergency vehicles.

These children are in the cab of a big, long ladder truck.

And here are kids in an ambulance with a paramedic.

Pasadena Fire Explorers led tours. The Explorer program is open to students ages 14 to 18 from local schools who volunteer at fire stations every Saturday.

Videos about fire safety were shown.

People gathered on the rooftop and on bleachers to see the demonstrations.

Demonstrations included extinguishing a car fire.

The first step was a firefighter lighting the fire (don't try this at home!).

Once the car was fully engulfed in flames, a fire engine drove up.

After unrolling the hose, firefighters approached the car and put out the fire.

Everybody learned that the engineer stays with the fire engine to monitor the water pressure and perform other duties related to the vehicle.

It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it: Explorers mopping up.

Other demonstrations included extracting a victim from a car using the Jaws of Life.

If you couldn't get to your neighborhood fire station on Saturday, you don't have to wait until Fire Service next year to visit your dedicated Pasadena firefighters -- you're welcome to drop by any time. If they're not out on a call, they'll be happy to show you around.

On Wednesday I'll post photos from another Saturday event: a celebration at Robinson Park.

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Margaret said...

Looks like everyone had a great time.