Friday, July 31, 2009

Some Odds and Ends

Happy Friday!

Here are few items that I've been meaning to post about but haven't had any time to do.

After I posted the big reveal to the Mystery History photo about the first locomotive in Pasadena, including the contributions of J.F. Crank, Mike Coppess was kind enough to provide additional information about Crank on his East of Allen blog. Take a look -- it's fascinating.

I took a couple of vacation days earlier this month to join a few fellow PIOs from throughout California at a farewell shindig for one of our own. Brad Rovanpera, PIO for the City of Walnut Creek for the past 24 years, is retiring and moving with his wife to Virginia, where he's going to pursue his lifelong dream of working at Monticello! (I'm jealous.)

The City of Walnut Creek will throw a big retirement bash for him, but the PIOs who have known Brad for many years wanted to do something special for him. Everyone gathered on the patio of P.F. Chang's in Fremont (near San Jose), coming from as far away as Pasadena (moi) and San Clemente (Judy Rambeau Franz, whose hand is on my shoulder; she's the former PIO for the City of Santa Monica and is retired). Most of the others work for cities in the greater San Jose area, although Erin Blount (in red) made the two-hour trip from Sacramento where she is PIO for First Five.

We gave Brad a scrapbook that encompasses his life as a PIO, which came as a pleasant surprise to him.

Two local bloggers paid me an evening visit at Pasadena City Hall recently. Karin Bugge and Petrea Burchard enjoyed the surroundings on this pleasant summer night. Petrea posted some photos from that evening on her blog, so check it out!

A couple of great employees in the Public Affairs Office were born in July -- Zack Stromberg, my graphic designer, and Linda Centell, my assistant PIO. We had a surprise birthday party for them last week complete with a cake made with loving hands by City Manager Michael Beck.

Speaking of the city manager, he welcomed and thanked our magnificent team of Public Affairs Office volunteers during a luncheon at Robin's Restaurant last week. Some work in the office and some work in the information booth in the grand entrance of Pasadena City Hall.

The volunteers stood and told us a little more about themselves than we may have known before. Here's Duane Allen revealing additional info:

We enjoyed the ribs and the chicken, and especially the desserts! This one is called a "messy sundae."

Enjoy your weekend.


Petrea said...

Well, don't I feel all fabulous being included in this post. Thanks, Ann.

Cafe Pasadena said...

Well, KB does carry Petrea's purse!

btw, I would be very careful around single women who come out late at night.

altadenahiker said...

Wow, just heard I made the bigtime. Thanks Ann.

(Petrea may be a photographer, but as you can see, I tell her what to shoot.)