Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mystery History -- Solved!

I stumped everyone this week. With everything coming up roses in just two days, I decided to post a coronation photo.

But it's not the Rose Queen!

In the photo above, Susan DeClercq is crowned Pasadena City College's 1960 Red and Gold Queen by Dr. Catherine Robbins, PCC president, as other members of the court look on.

The 2011 Rose Queen, Evanne Friedmann, will be showcased with her court in the Rose Parade -- just two days away!

Many thanks to PCC and Tournament of Roses.


Jean Spitzer said...

Do you know if PCC still has this tradition?

Quite a surprise.

pasadenapio said...

Jean, I did a search of the PCC website and also a broader Google search but came up empty.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I knew something was different with the ladies sitting on pom poms

Happy New Year.

Bellis said...

Happy New Year, Ann, and thanks for the Mystery Histories and wonderful prizes. Can we have a post-mortem on 2010? Did you win overall, or did we?

Cafe Pasadena said...

Maybe an old fashioned phone call to PCC will give an answer to JS's question.

Have an easier, happier 2011 to everyone here!