Monday, February 14, 2011

161 School

The 161 School in the Xicheng District of Beijing is in a set of ancient buildings in the Forbidden City. And we think Pasadena schools are historic!

Students from 161 School and Blair High School have been communicating with each other via the Internet for more than 10 years, and delegations of students have visited each other's communities.

This past Thursday, a large group of 161 School students came to Pasadena City Hall after visiting Blair.

I took a few moments to welcome them:

That's Cathy Wei next to me above in red, taking the interpreter role. She teaches Chinese language at PCC, serves on the Pasadena Sister Cities Committee and came with us on our trip to the Xicheng District last summer.

We all gathered on the front steps for a group photo:

On the right in this photo is Liu Wen Ming, director of academic studies for 161 School:

We exchanged gifts. I received a DVD about Beijing.

Many thanks to Darci, our Thursday afternoon volunteer in the information booth at City Hall, for shooting all the photos except the top one, which I snapped at 161 School last summer.


Margaret said...

What a wonderful exchange. It is doing so much right on so many level.

Petrea said...

I think that's really exciting! Their school in Beijing is in a place I've always wanted to explore.