Friday, July 8, 2011

Update on the Nishaiarai Daishi Temple Bell

Remember this Mystery History post from March about the centuries-old Japanese bell? It was war booty that wound up at Pasadena City Hall before being returned to the Nishaiarai Daishi Temple in Tokyo.

Thanks to Sid Gally, everybody's favorite research archivist at Pasadena Museum of History, I have an update!

Sid's son, Tom Gally, is a professor at the University of Tokyo and visited the temple last week. He provided these photos to his dad, who was kind enough to pass them on to me.

Tom even had this photo taken of himself with a monk holding the Pasadena Star-News, which I hope we'll see soon in the pages of the paper.

Bravo, Sid and Tom! Pasadena thanks you.

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Petrea Burchard said...

Wowowowowow! Bravo is right. Tom and Sid, very cool. Thank you for posting, Ann (and Sid, and Tom).