Friday, November 14, 2008

Girl Scouts and Firefighters

Pasadena Girl Scout Troop 4051 of the Mt. Wilson Vista Council visited City Hall today. I introduced them to some of Pasadena's finest, who talked to them about safety and what's involved in firefighting.

Here are firefighters Jerry Kenoly (left) and Amo Avakian holding the girls' attention.

Each of the girls got to try on the heavy protective clothing that firefighters wear.

Before we left the firefighters, each of the girls got a stick-on firefighter badge.

What a good-lookin' group!

Then we headed up the stairs for a quick tour of City Hall and a look at some of the architectural features of the building's exterior that symbolize strength, abundance and water.

I love my job. I work very hard in my office and in the community every day, and the tours with children make it all worth it.


Miss Havisham said...

I am confident that this tour and experience with the firefighters will stay with these dear little girls for the rest of their lives.

Aren't they just adorable!

This post especially poignant at a time when ravishing beauty is being destroyed by fire in the hills of Montecito. It's so vetty devasting.

pasadenapio said...

We have two fire engines and nine firefighters as part of the strike team on the Montecito fire. They drove up yesterday and will be there until the incident has been contained. God bless them!

altadenahiker said...

My, you and your camera do good work.

Cafe Observer said...

KB, yeah she's great with the camera. You should she her B/W pics from the last century when CitiHall was being built!

Just when you think you've seen all the great Citihall photos, then this one -elegant & wunderful.

Petrea said...

Great stuff, Ann. I love the photos. Bless those guys.