Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When City Hall was a Hole in the Ground (Continued)

Back by popular demand, here are a few more of the historic photos from the mid-1920s when our beloved Pasadena City Hall was under construction.

Before the digging began:

They're off and running:

All Saints Church peeking over the palms:

Note all the houses that were in the neighborhood at the time:

The main tower under construction:

Inside the tower under construction:

Until next time...


Cafe Observer said...

Wunderful b/w's.
About how many old pics are down in the dark, damp, citihall catacombs?

It's also wunderful to know you're out cking ye Olde Pasa restaurants. The Public Info Officer, especially, needs to give your public subjects updated info on recommended restaurants to ck out. I would say that is one of your most important duties.

ben wideman said...

that is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing PIO!

Miss Havisham said...

Yes, I love it when you put up the old pictures. They are so interesting. I think many of those old houses were moved to my street, since I understand that my old dump-I mean house on Oakland along with Bowen Court are the only originals and the others were moved here.

I don't know if that's a true statement. I have been vetty lax in my research, of late. So distracted!

It's fun to see the the tower of All Saints Episcopal. That is a beautiful place.

mademoiselle gramophone said...

Ann, you are the best! I went crazy when you showed us the pics of your folks. These touch all of us in Pasadini, too.

altadenahiker said...

Ann, no wonder you love your job. I'll bet you have access to all the historical scandals, er, files.

Petrea said...

Wowowowoow. Tour? Ever? When? I had no idea All Saints was older than City Hall.

Anonymous said...

More photos for the file. They did such a great job of documenting this buildings construction. Maybe you should offer up these photos to the Pasadena Museum of history. I bet some orange crate art exists out there with city hall pictured on it. Personal stories, a few artifacts here and there. The Arroyo Seco School of Art paintings of city hall...It would make a great exhibition.
Has it been done?

Alejandra Hutchcraft said...

It is always fun to see old pics of buildings and structures. You were able to peek at how it was built and the effort that the old folks put into it. Looking at the Pasadena City Hall now, I can say that our old folks did a very good job!