Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bloggers Picnic

The 2011 Bloggers Picnic was yesterday (Saturday) at Farnsworth Park in Altadena. There were about 40 people who came throughout the day, including the merry bunch above.

Enter and sign in, please:

So many of my fellow bloggers have doubled as citizen reporters from time to time via their sites, often about City of Pasadena events, services and issues, which I appreciate.

Here's a closer look at a few local bloggers. You may recognize some of their names or blogs.

Petrea Burchard and Brigham Yen:

Roberta Martinez and Susan Carrier:

Irina Netchaev and Ibarionex Perello:

Lori Webster and Susan Campisi:

This guy (who wishes to remain nameless online) and Tim Rutt:

Ron Carter:

Karin Bugge:

Debbi Swanson Patrick (in red):

In addition to a Mandarin chicken salad, I brought along March/April PIFs and 2010 Annual Reports. I can't help myself -- that's just the kind of PIO I am!

Take a look here at last year's picnic.

It wasn't this kind of picnic. For one thing, we weren't dressed for it.

Many thanks to Tim Rutt for the top photo.


Joe Mealey said...
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Margaret said...

Sorry I missed it.

ben wideman said...

Brigham was there too?? Aw, I missed all of my fellow Pasadenians.

Petrea said...

If only we could have dressed for a hot night.

The photo was taken on Tim's camera by Rebecca Mikkelson's husband Tom, and I can't remember if his last name is Mikkelson or not. It's the 21st's century so I don't assume.

Jean Spitzer said...

Wonderful, despite the cold weather.

Sorry I missed it.

Susan Campisi said...

I forgot to sign in! But you got a picture of me (with a funny face) proving I was there. I was cold but thoroughly enjoyed the good food and company.

Irina Netchaev said...

So great reconnecting with everyone and fun making new acquaintances. :)

Anonymous said...

Dormitas - a no-show?