Friday, March 18, 2011

Coming and Going

Vince Bertoni (center), director of the Planning Department, was welcomed by city staff and the community during a March 10 reception in the grand entrance of City Hall.

Patsy Lane, director of the Human Services and Recreation Department, retired yesterday. She was honored during a reception Wednesday on the bridge on the east side of City Hall.

It's always exciting when someone new comes on board and sad when someone leaves. Vince is a great addition to our team. I'll be keeping in touch with Patsy, who's moving on to teach university courses in social work. Those students are fortunate.

Photos: the mighty Zack Stromberg of the Public Affairs Office

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Cafe Pasadena said...

Did you say someone actually, "retired"??? In 2011?! And she looks so young!! Very exciting, and a minor miracle in this new economy.

Lucky Patsy! May she have a long & prosperous retirement!