Monday, November 14, 2011

Make Doo Dah Not War

I'm not allowed to post items about City of Pasadena programs and events anymore, so I'm switching gears and we're going to have a little fun from now on!

In this photo, taken several years ago, I'm waiting to ride in the Doo Dah Parade pace car, which that year was a red vintage Volkswagen convertible. The war in Afghanistan was in full swing, so I decided to dress as an aging hippie carrying these signs of peace.

The hate speech I received from some of the parade-goers was really troubling. I tried to diffuse it by saying, "Hey, it's Doo Dah -- lighten up!"

For many years I rode in the Doo Dah pace car, which was different every year: a wheelchair, a motorized Radio Flyer wagon, the sidecar of a vintage motorcycle, a 14-foot-tall highchair, a gigantic toilet, a flower cart and many more.

Here I am as Elvis, in full regalia, riding in a vintage Cadillac convertible.

I finally gave it up -- too harrowing sometimes! Now every year I sit with Doo Dah Czar Tom Coston at the official reviewing stand, where we hold court while the parade passes by.

That's much more to my liking at this time in my life!

Many thanks to Paddy Hurley for the top photo, Stevena905 for the second photo and Julie Klima for the bottom two.


Ann in Doo Dah Parades of Yor said...

Ann: You are a true classic! I remember all your outfits--one year you were a corporate boss- you were in a rolling desk/chair...another year you were Dorothy from Wizard of Oz with the red sparkling shoes, and another year you were a BABY! Do you recall sitting in a prop of a yellow HIGH CHAIR (on wheels) that was super high? That was just a wee bit scary! You are always front and center in anything hilarious and inspiring and good for all! XOPaddy from Light Bringer Project

pasadenapio said...

And the costumes were just as harrowing as the pace cars were. I never knew what I was going to be wearing until I arrived at the parade staging area! I don't think I have the guts for that anymore! (no pun intended)

Diana said...

"Not allowed?" Who's not allowing you and why? What's up with that? We love the fact that you keep us updated on what's going on around Pasadena. Besides, isn't this your personal blog?

pasadenapio said...

Diana, for now I need to just leave it at that. I appreciate your understanding.

Anonymous said...

I hope the city still allows you to post about its history!

Petrea Burchard said...

Ann, if I ever saw you in those costumes it was before I knew you.

Hate speech? Know-nothing fools. I love you!

Davis said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm not good with years, but I remember appearing in the second or third Doo Dah Parade when my tap class joined with others to participate as the "World's Largest Tap Dance Troupe". Don't know if we really were, but there were quite a few of us shuffle, step, ball changing (?) down Colorado Blvd. Great fun!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Thanks for sharing your memories :)

Check out the new Doo-Dah facebook page and "like" it for upcoming Doo-Dah updates :)!/pages/Pasadena-Doo-Dah-Parade/214992925241021