Friday, November 25, 2011

Mystery History -- Solved!

Cafe Pasadena came closest with his 9:34 a.m. Tuesday guess "...this Pasadena officer is holding a dozen Roses & sitting in a wheelchair given to him by one of the nice people he gave a ticket for overnite or overtime parking, of all things!"

In the December 1951 photo above, able-bodied Pasadena Police Officer Robert Hultman uses a wheelchair as he marks car tires while smelling the lovely aroma of iconic Pasadena roses.

The wheelchair kept him low to the ground so he didn't have to bend up and down all the time.

Another officer would come around in an hour or two, check to see if any cars with marked tires were still there, and issue parking tickets accordingly.

The roses were delivered collect by what was believed to be an irate driver who had been ticketed for overtime parking.

Talk about your photo opp!

These days, the Transportation Department is charge of parking, not the Police Department.


Bellis said...

Well, that explains why he looks rather sheepish. Glad he didn't have polio. Nowadays, the ticket man just leans out his vehicle with the wand to mark the tires. Or worse, doesn't mark the tire at all.

Congratulations to Cafe!!

Mister Earl said...

Still waiting for a definitive answer about whether the Pasadena Parking enforcers will be giving out tickets on December 26, a national holiday, and on January 1. The stickers on the parking meters are somewhat ambiguous. For example, they refer to New Years Day as the day of the parade. This year, the parade will be on January 2. So will they be giving tickets on January 1, which is in fact New Years Day, but not the day of the parade?

Cafe Pasadena said...

Sounds like Mr. E is coming to Pasadena again for the Rose Parade next yr.

I like the old way of giving parking tickets.
Today's method, as technically noted by Bellis, makes it much easier for giving tickets! There's even a specialized division for it now - "Transportation" - as opposed to the police.

Bring back the vintage way of the 1950's for giving tix!

Petrea Burchard said...

I actually thought it was a TV show. The officer looked to me like an actor.

Congratulations, Cafe.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

congratulations Cafe Pasadena Police dog