Monday, August 11, 2008

Introducing Michael Beck

We had another press conference today, this time to introduce Michael Beck, who has accepted the offer from the city council to be Pasadena's next city manager effective Oct. 1.

The press conference was in the council chamber, where Mayor Bogaard made the announcement.

A lot of local reporters and editors were there from various news agencies, including Larry Wilson and Janette Williams from Pasadena Star-News, Andre Coleman from Pasadena Weekly, Terry Miller from Pasadena Independent, Marc Berry from Crown City News, Dean Lee and Susan Henderson from Mountain Views Observer, Candice Merrill from Pasadena Now and others.

Mayor Bogaard also sang the praises of Barney Melekian, who has done a masterful job of serving as city manager in an interim capacity and will go back to his duties as Pasadena's police chief in October.

I spent a lot of time with Michael Beck today and I have a good feeling about him. He's a good leader with a good track record in local government, plus he's a dedicated family man which makes him A-OK in my book.

Here's the news release that was sent out today.


penny stock info said...
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West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

Let us know when we'll have an opportunity to welcome MB in person.

West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

Hee hee. That's like asking you to do your job - which you do very well!

AP said...

So when was he briefed about me?

- Aaron Proctor

pasadenapio said...

You need to have more faith in me, Aaron -- I already sent him the link!