Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lists! I Have Lists!

I thought one of my most important email distribution lists was going to crash today. I couldn't open it and a dialog box appeared on the screen saying there wasn't enough memory on the city's server to perform the task.

Thank goodness for the tireless efforts of our crack Information Technology Services Division (ITSD). For these folks, who manage and service the City of Pasadena's computers, telephones, public safety radios, etc. 24/7, there is no challenge too great or small. I don't know what any of us city employees would do without John, Shawn, Pam, Maple, Farrukh, Malcolm, Levon, Kevin and all of the other saviors in ITSD!

Shawn Granger came to my rescue today. After a long period of hit and miss to determine the cause and the nature of this odd mystery, he was able to come up with a fix.

That got me to pondering: I don't think everybody knows my email distribution lists exist.

Here's a rundown, in case you'd like me to add you to one or all. You can leave it as a comment or send me an email at

* News releases -- In addition to going to media and key city staff, all of my news releases go to a growing list of residents, community leaders and others whose email addresses are on this list by request.

* Highlights of upcoming City Council agendas, commission agendas and city-sponsored events: I usually send this out on Thursday evenings with highlights for the following week. The feedback I get is that it's convenient to have all meeting and event information at one glance in one email instead of having to go through scads of individual agendas or hunt and peck online.

* City of Pasadena employment opportunities: I try to send this out once or twice a month. This includes the job titles, departments in which there are vacancies for each job, the deadline for applications and how to get more info.

* Public sector PR job opportunities: I check the members-only pages of the California Association of Public Information Officials and the City-County Communications and Marketing Association (my national professional organization) from time to time, and whenever there are job listings for the greater L.A. area I send them on to the people on this list.

Just let me know and I'm happy to add you!


Miss Havisham said...

I'd love to be added. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ann, your city tech support is for ALL of the citizens of the city of Pasadena, right?
I could always use free tech help from our city! Especially 24/7!! Nothing like free services to the taxpayers from our city!!!

You probably already have all my internet infos already.

Who in the city can i contact re the law on sidewalk advertising? Ann, keep up the great info.

pasadenapio said...

If you're referring to placing "sandwich board"-type signs on sidewalks, it is illegal per the Pasadena Municipal Code. If you're referring to something else, please clarify and I'll respond.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ann, I see them all over Pasadena.
I'll email you sample pics so we're clear we're both talking bout the same thing. They seem harmless to me as long as they aren't in the way of pedestrians.

Jana Monji said...

Please add me.