Friday, August 8, 2008

By Popular Demand. . .

More City Hall historic 1920s construction photos:

Two lone cast-stone torches:

Check out the wagon in the lower left:

Where the big clock would be placed in the grand entrance (the clock still runs beautifully):

There's no way to know what the photographer was going for. The hat? The pick axe? What grabs you about this one?


Anonymous said...

These ancient photos from the last millennium are like looking at a film backlot from an old east Hollywood studio.
I wonder if any of this early construction was ever used as props for early films.
I envy your pic collection.

AP said...

Woah! bad ass!

Petrea said...

Ann, these are wonderful. I can't help thinking of the people in the photos, surely gone now: how proud they must have been of the finished product. I'm proud of it today and I didn't hammer a single nail. Maybe the people who worked on the renovation have a sense of that builder's pride.

A friend from Calabasas came to have lunch with me. When he saw City Hall he gasped. We had to visit. My shy friend loved the building so much he danced across the second floor eastside skyway. I'd love to tell that to the shadowy figure in photo 2, or the man whose legs I see in photo 4.

Petrea said...

I linked to you today.
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