Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

For the second year in a row, City of Pasadena departments, divisions and sites were invited to compete in a Halloween lobby-decorating contest.

The judges (including yours truly) went at noontime to the various lobbies. It was a real hoot!

And the winner is: The Environmental Health Division of the Public Health Department.

One of that division's responsibilities is restaurant inspections, so the employees transformed their lobby into a restaurant called Hell's Kitchen...

...with ghoulish waitresses in blood-stained aprons (one was named Salma Nella)...

...and code violations that would make even the most seasoned restaurant inspector run for cover!

Patrons could choose a cute little fishie right out of the tank!

The restaurant inspection report for Hell’s Kitchen:


Mademoiselle Gramophone said...

That is super clever.

It's probably not advisable then to scrape up the remains of the gigantic pumpkin that rolled off my porch onto the driveway tonight with a splogotffge, and make a pumpkin pie out of it?

A little too much driveway, probably.

Anonymous said...

My cousin is a restaurant inspector. The horror stories I tell you!! hmmm so thats what the F looks like. Has it ever been used in Pasadena? sshhh would you tell?

Anonymous said...

We're having a little cat trouble over at my post The cat ladys gone mad! Altadena Hiker found her this morning screaming outside her house. She took the cat and is keeping it hostage (stay tuned: if not now, the post is expected later).

Petrea said...

This is the only time we'll see an F on a Pasadena Restaurant.