Monday, October 20, 2008

How Green Are You?

Have you taken our online Green Training yet?

The free 15-minute program was developed for Pasadena city employees, residents, businesses, non-profit organizations and others in the community. It also links to other resources and provides a glossary, facts about the Earth and easy tips for living and working green.

Once you complete the training, pledge your commitment to a healthy, sustainable Pasadena.

The training program supports our Green City Action Plan, which outlines more than 70 initiatives the city is pursuing to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

This is another example of how the City of Pasadena has led the way among municipalities. For example, do you know we have an environmental planner, an environmental analyst and an environmental commission dedicated to green programs? Most cities don't have either one.

Learn more about our Green City initiatives here.


Petrea said...

I keep meaning to do this, and haven't been able to set aside the 15 minutes yet. Next week, I keep telling myself. After the play opens. I have such a list of things that will happen next week!

Petrea said...

I finally did it. It took me more than 15 minutes but it was very useful. Some of it I already knew, but needed the reminders. Some of it, however, was new to me.

Great stuff, Ann, thank you.