Monday, October 27, 2008

My Transom Window

The current Pasadena City Hall (the third historically) was built in the late 1920s. Part of the building was gutted over time to make way for more offices as the number and type of city services grew.

Prior to the three-year seismic retrofit and historic restoration, the Public Affairs Office was in one of those parts of the building, with lots of drywall, false ceilings, 1970s-era plaid curtains, you name it. Plus the original wood accents had been ripped out.

I can't imagine who would have ever approved such a thing, but it was done. Perhaps it was a sign of the times.

When I learned that Public Affairs would move into the former location of the City Attorney's Office upon the completion of the retrofit, I was thrilled because that's one of the most historically untouched parts of the building.

I love my door with the transom window above it. Here it is from inside my office...

...and here it is from the hallway outside my office.

I promise to be a good steward.

Sincerely Yours,


Cafe Observer said...

Ann, you have some of the best pics.
We're in an old bldg too, down the block. Built in the 1920's, w/o elevators period.

What's up with our little ole city hall photog tour?

Petrea said...

A lovely place to work. If one must work in an office building, it should be as beautiful as our City Hall.

You *are* a good steward.