Monday, December 22, 2008

Breathe a Little Easier

Well on its way to becoming a green city, Pasadena is clearing the air!

Fair warning to smokers who light up along the parade route on New Year's Day: You'll be asked by a police officer to either put it out or go a block or so away from the route to enjoy your cigarette, pipe or cigar. The fine for ignoring the officer: $100 for the first violation (it goes up from there).

Due to newly strengthened tobacco control laws put in place in October by the Pasadena City Council, smokers throughout the community can no longer light up at outdoor shopping malls, outdoor patios at bars and restaurants, outdoor public gatherings like parades and festivals, or outdoor areas of private smokers’ lounges and tobacco shops.

Smoking is also prohibited in or within 20 feet of an outdoor waiting line, such as a bank ATM or movie theater ticket booth, or within 20 feet of a doorway or window of a building where smoking is prohibited.

Pasadena Public Health Department is spreading the word about the new law with public education and new signage.

Enforcement is mostly based on complaints received. To report a violation, or for more information, call 744-6014.


Petrea said...

I'm glad for this! Even when I was a smoker I wanted restrictions. I thought they'd help me quit. (I was wrong, but that's another story.)

pasadenapio said...

I quit cold turkey in 1984 and never looked back. It was rough on a few occasions early on (cocktail parties, etc.), but I made it!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

This is government intrusion at its worst. I'm not a smoker, but on behalf of those who are, what's next? No smoking on their own properties? This is getting ridiculous.

Petrea said...

Except for the studies proving that second-hand smoke is dangerous, I'd agree with you, PCC. I presume this is why they've included distance limitations in feet.

Miss Havisham's Tea Party said...

Help! I was hauled away by the morality police.. I swear it was only a stogie! Help!