Thursday, December 18, 2008

No, Really -- They're Free!

We have received many expressions of thanks from Pasadena residents for the free energy-saving light bulbs mailed to every household last summer.

Others have asked what gives with the coupon that was enclosed: "$75 in free bulbs? There must be a catch..."

But I happily repeat: The additional compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) are absolutely free. No tax, no shipping, no handling.

We've done the math, and this community will come out way ahead in energy cost savings and carbon emission reductions if every household switches to CFLs.

If you're a residential customer of Pasadena Water and Power, you have until the end of January to take advantage of the free CFL offer. Go here to order online or call (866) 807-1544.


Susan C said...

Three cheers for the City of Pasadena and PW&P for being leaders in energy efficiency.

Anyone who tried and rejected CFLs a few years ago should know that they've come a long way. They no longer cast that unflattering bluish glow, they turn on instantly and the size fits into most conventional lamps and ight fixtures. You'll save energy and money (not to mention the planet) when you use them.

I hope every eligible person in Pasadena takes advantage of this amazing offer. I know I would if I lived in Pasadena.

Anonymous said...

Why must I always be an adjacent?

Todd said...

Ever since I became LASIK-enhanced, these things give me a headache.

altadenahiker said...

Warning! Way off topic here. But Ann, do you have some pictures in the archives of some of the old grand hotels, such as the Raymond, Maryland, that which is now the courthouse, the one in Eaton Canyon, etc.?

pasadenapio said...

I only have city-owned buildings. Pasadena Historical Museum has an incredible research library and archives. Check with them: (626) 577-1660, ext. 13

West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

I ordered mine---thanks for the reminder to do so!

Anonymous said...

I agree that they've come along way. What about disposing of them, though? Aren't there trace amounts of mercury as well?

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