Friday, December 12, 2008


For as long as I can remember, we in the City Manager's Department have had a holiday party every year -- sometimes a luncheon with all the trimmings, sometimes an evening gift exchange, etc.

This year we decided to help a low-income Pasadena family: A mom and dad with six children and one on the way. Staff in the City Clerk's Office joined in the plan.

We got a list of each family member's wants, needs and desires, and then we went shopping (with our own personal money).

We wrapped enough presents to make this a merry Christmas for a family that otherwise would have very little on December 25.
It was a great feeling!


Susan C said...

I can't think of a better way to stimulate the economy.

Cafe Observer said...
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Cafe Observer said...

Good 2 c our govt at work directly helping the people.

Angel Bec said...

Each department in the City should do this. What a wonderful thing you did. I bet it made your Christmas.

West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

How fantastic, and appropriate.

Todd said...

Hopefully Dr. Takashi and his Health Dept. offered the man some free contraceptives?