Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mystery History -- Solved

Kevin Brechner wins with his 11:47 a.m. Wednesday guess "It is a shot of a city council meeting discussion between Issac Richards and Rick Cole."

In the photo above, a raging fire on May 26, 1992, in Centennial Square in front of Pasadena City Hall is reduced to white smoke by the quick thinking of three Pasadena Fire Department engine companies, which also provided paramedic services during the unfortunate event.

During the Pasadena City Council meeting that evening, Councilman Isaac Richard...

...and Mayor Rick Cole...

...had a disagreement over which of the two was more compassionate toward code-violating constituents in their districts (1 and 2 respectively).

The regaled each other and the audience with example after example of their righteousness.

Isaac insisted he was more compassionate, having looked the other way when a herd of cats used their matted whiskers to dial 9-1-1 so they could be rescued from their owner, a serious hoarder who had lost her sense of smell, not to mention her hair.

Unwilling to accept defeat, Rick tearfully told how he completely ignored one neighbor's complaints about another neighbor's high fence in Bungalow Heaven. Rick insisted he ignored it in the public interest: After all, the house wasn't even a Craftsman.

The one-upsmanship continued for hours.

Isaac and Rick kept their composure as long as they could but finally the heat of their anger filled the council chamber with thick smoke.

First the fire marshal cleared the room...

...then the sergeant at arms ordered everyone down to the street.

Everybody chose sides and the fists began to fly.

This behavior proved too much for Katie Nack, the only female on the council, whose delicate sensibilities could take no more.

So she transformed into her alter ego and ended the chaos for good by body-slamming Isaac Richard and cold-cocking Rick Cole.

I was there that night, people. I was forever changed.

OK, fine -- April Fools!!! I'll have the true Mystery History reveal tomorrow.

Many thanks to Larry Wilson for the photo of Isaac Richard.


Bellis said...

That's brilliantly hilarious, Ann! You're the best. Happy April Fool's Day.

kevin at Time River Productions said...

I knew i was right! It feels so good to be a "weiner!"

Pasadena Adjacent said...

no no no.! don't say April's Fools Day

I like the idea of political representatives having a competition on whose the most compassionate (stating examples). Queen for a Day in the Crown City, entries accepted these city hall ornaments you keep handing out are paying the bills.

Petrea said...

Love it!

Terry Miller said...


As a Brit, I'd say your wit is worthy
of a Monty Python award!

Bloody funny stuff...


Pasadena Independent

Susan C said...

Hilarious, Ann.

What a era!

altadenahiker said...

That's our Annie!

Anonymous said...

I miss the days of Mr. Richards and Mr. Cole. At least back then the Pasadena City Council DISCUSSED SOMETHING in public....instead of how it was before and now where all the deals are made in some smokeless back room somewhere.

pasadenapio said...

Anon, there was plenty of name-calling, life-threatening and chair-throwing during closed sessions back then!

Closed sessions take place now, too, but they're veddy, veddy civilized.