Friday, May 14, 2010

Ben Green

Tom Coston and I had dinner with Ben and Kelly Green on Wednesday evening at Colombo's in Eagle Rock.

Ben had just given Tom and me a private VIP tour of the Showcase House of the Design, which this year is the Cravens Estate, also known as Red Cross headquarters. It has been magically transformed and we were grateful for the free, behind-the-scenes access.

Ben Green and I have known each other for nearly three decades. We were the two division managers in the Department of Community Services and Promotions at the City of Palm Springs in the 1980s.

Ben headed up the Community Services Division -- parks and recreation plus the library.

I headed up the Promotions Division -- media relations, community relations, special events, press secretary to Mayor Sonny Bono.

Those were heady days, I'll tell you.

At dinner Wednesday we talked awhile about Henry Weiss, who was the lead city librarian in Palm Springs and reported to Ben. Henry's retired now, but there were a couple of times when we'd had it up to here, Henry would fire up his Corvette convertible, speed on down some back desert road and I'd stand up on the passenger seat, assume the "I'm the king of the world" position and yell at the top of my lungs.

Now I'm so old I wouldn't even think about taking off my seatbelt to do anything so reckless.

I'm going to Palm Springs next Thursday for my annual romp with other golden-ager PIO pals.


Susan C said...

Ann, I would have loved to see you cutting loose in that Vette.

Cafe Observer said...

I can see why you have a 25/8 work schedule: now you're officiating at an Arm Wrestling contest!

At lot of public info listed here from A-Z. But, silent on the Colombo food? Hmmmm...

pasadenapio said...

Here's my official review, Mike:

Colombo's is a throwback to old-school New York restaurants -- big red booths, a piano bar with a singer belting out standards, the whole shebang.

I never eat beef at home, only occasionally when I go out to dinner. Colombo's is billed as an Italian steak house, so when I saw Porterhouse steak on the menu I knew I had to have it. Tom ordered a NY strip steak, and Ben and Kelly both ordered the Italian meatball steak.

I can tell you truly that the Porterhouse steak was one of the best and juiciest I've ever eaten. I had it with salad and spinach.

The service was a little slow, but we didn't really mind because we were all enjoying each other's company, plus the live music was wonderful.

So now Colombo's is my new favorite restaurant!

Petrea said...

Ann, I just love picturing you standing up in that Corvette and yelling.

Trish said...'re not old...if you were as old as you think, you'd say "screw it, I'm old enough I don't care anymore" and get up on that 'vette anyway. you're still young enough to apply the t-shirt "over 30, SOME fear".

Am sure the Cravens Estate looks great all fixed up - -I spent many a day hanging out there as a youngster ---glad you got a chance to see it ahead of the crowds!

Anonymous said...

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