Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jones Reservoir

If you haven't been to Hamilton Park, it's in the Upper Hastings Ranch area, generally bounded by Cartwright Street to the north, Sierra Madre Boulevard to the south, Pepperhill Road to the east and Crestview Drive to the west. The back side of the park is across the street from PazNaz.

If you have been to Hamilton Park, do you know it sits atop a reservoir? Yes, Jones Reservoir is doing its thing, with the help of our talented Pasadena Water and Power crews, below the surface.

Here's the pumping station:

Pasadena Water and Power has 12 active wells that feed natural groundwater into 18 reservoirs throughout the community that also receive some purchased water from Metropolitan Water District.

Jones Reservoir holds about 50 million gallons -- the largest capacity of all Pasadena's reservoirs (Lida Reservoir is the smallest). The blended water (natural groundwater and MWD water) is disinfected and then distributed to customers through a pipeline network of 478 miles of mains throughout the city.

Beside the walkway near the park entrance on Cartwright, there is a memorial to A.L. Hamilton -- a bronze plaque on a cast concrete base:

In honor of
A.L. Hamilton
Superintendent of Pasadena City Schools
Chairman of the Commission, City of Pasadena
Presented June 11, 1960
Pasadena Pioneer Association
Pasadena Historical Society

Here's Chairman Hamilton's photo from the Hall of Mayors:

Ben Wideman did a nice post about Hamilton Park recently.

I've been doing an occasional series of blog posts about monuments and memorials in Pasadena. Here are the others I've posted to date.

The photo of Hamilton Park and the memorial plaque were shot by the mighty Zack Stromberg of the Public Affairs Office. Many thanks to Brad Boman of PWP for the photo of the pumping station.

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