Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Xicheng Management and Development Seminar

Employees of the Xicheng District of Beijing were invited to a seminar about Pasadena during which Mayor Bill Bogaard, Business Development Manager Eric Duyshart, a couple of Pasadena Sister Cities Committee members and I spoke (with the help of interpreters). About 400 employees attended.

Mayor Bogaard discussed our Green City Action Plan, Eric talked about tourism and business in Pasadena, and I explained how the City of Pasadena communicates with residents.

Whoever took the shot above was a little too close to the stage; I really could be seen over the flowers!


Havisham Patrizzi said...

okay, you're right about the photo. It could be cropped to look like a rose parade float but I love the colors!

ps. that would be a weird float so best not to give the designers any ideas.

word verification "brati"

I couldn't make that up.

Margaret said...

You look good with all those flowers. I finally posted your goddess.

Petrea said...

I'm in agreement with brati Havisham--good colors for you!

I love the Beijing tour but I miss Mystery History.

pasadenapio said...

Mystery History is waiting in the wings.

Petrea said...


Pasadena Adjacent said...

looks like a bib