Friday, August 27, 2010

I Scream, You Scream...

City Manager Michael Beck's ice cream social for employees Tuesday was a big hit on a very hot day. The servers were mostly members of the executive staff.

In the photo above, Fire Chief Dennis Downs and his executive secretary, Peggy Palmer, stand at the ready to scoop the creamy confectionery at this second annual event.

Below, left to right, are Assistant City Manager Julie Gutierrez, City Attorney Michele Bagneris, City Clerk Mark Jomsky, Housing Director Bill Huang, and Patty Sierra, a summer employee in the Housing Department.

Here are Assistant City Manager Steve Mermell (second from right) and Police Chief Phil Sanchez.

And, of course, city employees appreciated having a tasty treat in the shade of the City Hall courtyard.

Many thanks to Delia Corey, executive assistant to the city manager.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, human bunch of executives. It must be a joy to come to work every day and to find yourself among people who care so much. Makes me weepy.

pasadenapio said...

We have a great team here, Anon!

Petrea said...

Looks like a hoot. A small towny feel.

kweepie said...

They must do this in Riverside.