Friday, August 21, 2009

Ice Cream Social at City Hall

Yesterday City Manager Michael Beck hosted a lunch-hour ice cream social in the courtyard for employees.

For the invitation the mighty Zack Stromberg, my brilliant and talented graphic designer in the Public Affairs Office, did a take-off of "The Endless Summer" movie poster:

Several department directors pitched in to help with scooping duties. Starting with the city manager in the foreground and moving to his right: Michael Beck, Fire Chief Dennis Downs, City Clerk Mark Jomsky, Finance Director Andy Green, Assistant City Manager Steve Mermell, Deputy Police Chief Chris Vicino, Human Services and Recreation Director Patsy Lane and Housing Director Bill Huang.

An ice cream social wouldn't be complete without all the trimmings! That’s Susan Soto, a graphic designer in our Print Shop, facing forward.

Below are (left to right) Jackie Scott, who manages the adaptive recreation program; Peggy Palmer, executive secretary in the Fire Department; and Robert Gorski, accessibility and disability coordinator in the Human Resources Department.

Thanks for the fun break, Michael!

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Cafe Observer said...

Nice to know about the ice cream social, PIO. Hmmm, uh, some of us K9's wooda appreciated your memo a bit earlier.