Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tri-cities PIOs

The Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena PIOs get together every so often to discuss shared issues and catch up on each other's projects.

We rotate cities, and today it was Pasadena's turn. We met at Smitty's* on South Lake and had a bittersweet meeting.

I say that because Ritch Wells, PIO for the City of Glendale (at left in the photo above), is retiring next month. We decided he'll be the charter member of the Tri-cities PIO Alumni Association and will be required to attend all future meetings! And, of course, I'll roast Ritch but good at his retirement party.

Also in the photo are Keith Sterling (right), PIO for the City of Burbank, Vicki Gardner, assistant PIO in Glendale, and yours truly. Linda Centell, Pasadena's assistant PIO, joined us for lunch but had to leave before this photo was snapped.

I've known Ritch for 15 years -- ever since I sat on the interview panel that made the recommendation to Glendale's city manager to hire him. Our instincts definitely were right on!

Mystery History will return next week. I simply haven't had time to research a photo.

*Mike, before you ask, three of us had a special salad of the day with red and green cabbage, chicken, cranberries and other yummy ingredients, one had a hearty Cobb salad and one had meat loaf. All the meals were delish! Of course, it's the cornbread at Smitty's that knocks everybody's socks off (we ordered a pan for the table).


Cafe Pasadena said...

Actually, I was thinking: "you're back partying at Smitty's again?" Last time it was a good girls nite out.

I'm sorry you're losing the Glendale PIO. Is the Asst taking over?

And, I'm glad we don't have to ever worry about you retiring from Pasadena, Ann!

pasadenapio said...

Mike: We all love Smitty's! You're right -- last time I posted about the joint was for girls' dinner in honor of Nancy Melekian. I posted a photo on Facebook. Good memory!

Vicki Gardner, the assistant PIO, will take over until Glendale's city manager decides it's time to open up the position. Budget challenges cause a lot of consternation for everybody in city government lately.

I'll probably be Pasadena's PIO until I'm at least 107 years old, but who's counting?

Cafe Pasadena said...

Ann, I'll be satisfied if you're our PIO until you at least reach 40.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Pretty sure I've met Keith Sterling. I think he sat in on a art committee that I presented too as a finalist. Very nice group although we didn't get the job (or a red penny for all the research and development we put into it)....get a clue Burbank

every other municipality awards their finalist with a modest stipend

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