Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mystery History

Where are we? And what's happening?

The first person to guess correctly will win a fabulous prize!

I'll have the full scoop on Thursday.


Petrea said...

Looks like a minor earthquake happened at Canto Robledo's gym.

Davis said...

Petrea is good. I was going to guess the Crown City Boxing Stables because of the pictures on the wall, but I'll bet the damage was from fists, not an earthquake! I went to school (Andrew Jackson Elementary) with a Carlos Robledo, who my parents said was related to Canto, whose notoriety was a bit before my time.

MG said...

This is the Rose Bowl Operating Company headquarters in sorry need of refurbishment. Sorry because they'll have to take some money from the Public Art budget. Hey! The john still works!

The pragmatic board has got to h=get better seating and better doors. Art is so useless, you know. Look at...uh... look at the Santa Anita Race Track? Look at all of that "art" there....hmm? Do those horse statues and iron horsey festooneries add anything to that place? Tell me.


Shame on them for stealing arts money...Wait. Did they really do that?



Concerned Artist said...

MG: Don't you love it? "hastily convened"

from the Star News

"The RBOC's move is not without precedent - the same clause was cited in the $117 million City Hall restoration project and by the RBOC in 2007, when they used $43,000 of public art money from the locker room/ media center project and $178,443 from an earlier improvements project to repair arroyo stone walls."

"Restoration is one of the options for the use of funds under the public art ordinance," Sue Mossman, executive director of Pasadena Heritage, said Wednesday."

I had no idea of this clause. Options??? What is the point of even having an art budget when it can be drained by a city heavy in restoration projects


altadenahiker said...

How did Albert get loose?

WV: Dabonair. He may be destructive, but he's dabonair.

Margaret said...

You are in the Assembly Room, which is for members only.

pasadenapio said...

To clarify, the conservation clause of the public art guidelines for city-owned construction projects allow for a public art credit if the building or structure is historic.

The funding may be used only toward the cost of restoration of unique elements that were designed by an artist, artisan, craftsperson, architect, etc.

pasadenapio said...

Now can we get back to guessing the nature of the Mystery History photo?! (smile)

Tavo said...

PPD Photolab?!?

Jean Spitzer said...

Ann, you've hit a nerve.

pasadenapio said...

I think the nerve was already hit, Jean! I'm simply clarifying.