Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What are Your Priorities?

Pasadena City Councilwoman Jacque Robinson (standing) co-hosted a community budget workshop with Councilman Chris Holden last night at La Pintoresca Branch Library.

City Manager Michael Beck (standing right) and several department directors discussed the current budget priorities for various departments.

Andrew Green, director of finance.

Jan Sanders, director of public libraries.

Fire Chief Dennis Downs

Police Chief Phillip Sanchez with Dr. Eric Walsh (seated), director of public health.

Residents weighed in on the most important budget priorities from their perspectives. More programs for youths, public safety and public health were among the comments.

Then everyone filled out a short questionnaire that will be shared with council members prior to their next strategic planning workshop next month.

When the official business was completed, constituents took an opportunity to chat with city staff and the facilitator to discuss any additional concerns.

There's a second opportunity tonight in the cafeteria at Wilson Middle School, 300 S. Madre St. What levels of service at libraries, community centers, parks, fire stations, etc., are acceptable in light of current budget challenges? Should fewer employees be providing these services?

Let your voice be heard!

Budget documents are here; you can also scroll down on that page to take a brief survey.

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