Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Soiree at the Castle Green

I serve on the board of the Friends of the Castle Green. This afternoon (Sunday) there was a private get-together for residents of the historic former hotel, now filled with privately owned flats on several stories above the first floor common areas. The event took place in some of those common areas: the salon, sun room, Turkish room and Moorish room. About 50 people were there, entertained by Janet Klein and Her Parlour Boys.

The Turkish room, like all the others, was decked out for the holidays.

Long shot from the corridor between the lobby and the ballroom:

The gorgeous lobby:

With Tom Coston:

Another shot of Janet Klein and Her Parlour Boys. They performed music of the 1920s and were so entertaining!

Mashed potatoes, tri-tip beef and gravy in a martini glass. Now that's catering!

I love every inch of the Castle Green and was happy to be there today. Nearly 20 years ago the building was the first and only designated by the Pasadena City Council as an official city architectural treasure.


Tavo said...

Thanks for sharing Ann! Brings back so many wonderful memories -- as the Castle was home for two unforgettable years.

Petrea Burchard said...

I love every inch of the place, too.

Ysabelle said...

Wanna great everyone a early merry christmas! You look had fun on the event! your sweet smiles brings me joy!


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Latino Heritage said...

Beautiful. Your pictures are most evocative.

Mister Earl said...

Love Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys!

Patrizzi Intergarlictica said...

I like the light blur effect in some of the photos. It makes me twinkle.