Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mystery History -- Solved!

UPDATE: I always write up the big reveal well in advance and add the winner's name the night before it publishes. This week, with the wind storms and being called to duty, I didn't have a chance to announce that Roberta Martinez won this week's contest. Congratulations, Roberta!


In the photo above, taken on Nov. 26, 1952, members of the Shakespeare Club of Pasadena pose in costume for the club's American Heritage Day pageant.

Left to right are Mrs. Don C. McMillan (wife of Pasadena's city manager at the time), Mrs. I. William King, Miss Helen C. Houson, Mrs. Anne Mellor, and Mrs. Harold Shirk.

Here are, left to right that same day, Mrs. Leo G. McLaughlin, past president, Miss Helen Louise Taylor, director of public affairs, Mrs. Arthur L. Howells, founder/chairman of the American Heritage Day Pageant and Mrs. Brown S. McPherson, president of the Pasadena Shakespeare Club.

This was when the Shakespeare Club was at 230 S. Los Robles Ave., its home from 1905 to 1971:

In 1972 the club moved to 171 S. Grand Ave.:

I had the pleasure of speaking to the club a few years ago about city issues during one of their monthly luncheon meetings there.

I included a photo of Mrs. McMillan in this blog post in June.

The Shakespeare Club of Pasadena is the oldest women's club in Southern California. There's some wonderful history here.

Many thanks to the Shakespeare Club of Pasadena, Pasadena Public Library and the University of Southern California.


Bellis said...

Kudos to Roberta, who guessed the Shakespeare Club! When I read her comment, I thought, no, the Club house isn't wood and brick at all. I didn't realize they moved into that place on Grand relatively recently.

Latino Heritage said...

Wheeeee. Thanks, it was fun, to be able to have correct answer! Thanks to Helen Elliott Bandini who led me to this bit of Pasadena knowledge.