Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Love My Family

This photo was taken in 1967. Brother Jamie in front; l-r next row Charlou, yours truly and Rick; Daddy and Mommy in back. Grandma and Grandpa, my mother's parents, lived in Kansas City (where my sister and I were born) and had a winter apartment in Chula Vista, where this photo was taken.

Daddy and Mommy are in Heaven.

Jamie is a music teacher and lives in Bonita with his wife Annie and young sons Ryan, Jesse and Christopher. I blogged about Jamie here.

Charlou is a registered nurse and lives in Bella Vista, Ark., with her husband Bill. My nephews Rich, Mark and Matt live in Clovis, Fresno and Arcata respectively. Rich is married to my niece-in-law Nicole.

Rick is an independent construction contractor and lives in San Diego. His daughter Tara is a forestry student at Humboldt State University.

Oh, me? I have two daughters -- Becky lives in Clovis with her husband Mario and their fraternal twin sons Phillip and David, who are students at Fresno State. Daughter Jessica lives in Chula Vista with my grandson Steven (I blogged about Steven recently here) and honorary grandson Johnny. My granddaughter Kimberly lives in El Cajon and is a student at UEI (I blogged about her high school graduation here).

My siblings and I have always been very close and have also had some "precious moments" over the years when we were at odds from time to time. But we always come together in love, with the legacy of Mommy and Daddy and our strong family history.

Thank goodness for Facebook! Many of my family members, from siblings to grandchildren, have Facebook pages -- a great way to communicate since there are so many miles between us.

I love my family!


Kathy H said...

Thanks for sharing what's truly important: love. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

A very merry so-cal family portrait

Latino Heritage said...

It is the time of year when we slow down and remember family. Thanks for your sharing bits about your family and reminding us that we might want to remember our family members, too.