Friday, June 13, 2008

The Graduate

Our little girl is growing up! My granddaughter Kimberly, who I can't believe is 17, graduated from Castle Park High School in Chula Vista (near San Diego) yesterday. The entire family gathered from her mom's side and her dad's side, the weather was beautiful and it was an all-around great day.

Here's the graduate in line waiting to take the big walk for the diploma.

Note the special stole around her neck. She's one of only 12 highly motivated students at her school to complete the multi-year School of Business Leadership, a program that teaches leadership skills and business modeling. It's at a handful of high schools around the state and is very exclusive. It's not easy to be accepted, and she gets college credits. She also attended a retreat with all the SBL students from throughout the state.

Her parents (my daughter Jessica and son-in-law John) have done a great job with Kimberly and her brother Steven. Jessica was a real trooper yesterday -- she had gall bladder surgery last Friday and was in a lot of pain, but of course wouldn't have missed this day for the world.

John's sister Jennifer hosted a party at her home in Bonita, time for family to celebrate Kimberly and enjoy each other's company.

Proud Nana with the graduate:

And I had the rare opportunity to have all four of my grandchildren with me at the same time! From left to right, that's David, 15; Kimberly; Phillip, 15; and Steven, 13. Steven is Kimberly's brother, and David and Phillip are fraternal twins. By the way, the boys had just gotten out of the pool.

Kimberly and Steven Luecht live in Chula Vista, and David and Phillip Salinas live in Clovis (in the Central Valley) with their parents, my daughter Becky and son-in-law Mario.

I have a photo on my phone of Becky and Mario at the party and I keep trying to email it to myself, but it's not coming through. Whenever it does I'll post it.

Here I am with my sons-in-law. They're good providers and excellent dads. But I love them most of all because they're great husbands and cherish my daughters.

My grandchildren with my dad, their great-grandpa:

Mom's looking down from Heaven, happy as ever.

UPDATE: Here's my daughter Becky at the graduation party:

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Jan Curran said...

Oh,Ann, I loved seeing all those pictures and reading about it all. How wonderful and how proud you must be! Hard for me to believe your girls have such old kids when I always think of them as being 12 themselves. Pass along my congratulations to the family. Love, Jan