Friday, June 27, 2008

"City Beat"

I have been moderating "City Beat" on KPAS for many years, along with Barry Gordon who moderates every other program.

We did a taping today at the KPAS studio, which is at the Hens Teeth Square complex at the southwest corner of Los Robles and Woodbury.

Here's part of the control room just before taping began.

Here we are on the set. I'm getting my microphone attached by Oliver Brown, our engineer. That's Mayor Bogaard on the left, of course. On the right are James Macpherson, publisher of the web-based publication Pasadena Now; and Dean Lee, reporter with Mountain Views Observer. Producer Stuart Johnson and floor manager Davide Collioni, who also operated one of the cameras, were standing by.

So as not to slight the rest of our exceptional crew, Lilia Gaspar handled CG in the control room, Mike Bingley and Jimmy Aquino operated the other two cameras in the studio, and Kevin Brechner is our director extraordinaire.

After the taping, Kevin wanted me to review a segment of the program before I left the studio to come back to City Hall.

"City Beat" is the only Pasadena TV program where local issues are discussed by elected officials and journalists. Today we talked about the recent Sister Cities trip to Järvenpää, Finland, and Ludwigshafen, Germany; the MTA Board's decision to delay funding for the Gold Line extension to the east San Gabriel Valley; a possible PUSD bond measure for capital projects that, if approved by the Board of Education, would be on the November ballot; water conservation; and the Fourth of July.

The program repeats daily -- see the programming schedule at the KPAS link above -- and you can also see it via streaming video at that same link.


Anonymous said...

yeah! thats awsome!! i like it!

berto xxx

Anonymous said...

such a nice blog.

berto xxx

Ben Wideman said...

Good to meet you today (if only just briefly before I had to head out!).

Petrea said...

Great meeting you yesterday. I had no idea the studios were at the Hens Teeth Square. I drive by there regularly on my way to Hahamongna. Do you ever allow photo-bloggers to shoot the taping?

Your Real Estate San Marino Expert said...

Ann, it was great meeting you yesterday at the blogger's picnic. I'll be following your blog now that I know about it. How fun!

Aaron Proctor said...

I have a column in the PW.

So, I should be able to host.


Oh - here's me and you Ann:

- AP

Petrea said...

Maybe I could take photos of that. ;)

pasadenapio said...

Sorry, Petra, but it's a closed set.

Petrea said...

Ah, well, I figured. It was worth a try. I take it that means Aaron doesn't get to host, either...

Andre Coleman said...

Host?? Hell I am a reporter and probably the most senior reporter in town and I don't get to host it.

although I do appear regularly with Barry. Hopefully Ann will have me back on her version soon.