Monday, June 23, 2008

Do You Take This Mayor. . .

Just came across this photo from the roof garden just outside the Marriage Bureau at Ludwigshafen City Hall, where many weddings are performed:

Do you take this mayor to be your lawfully jet-lagged traveling companion? Yes! 'Til death do we part.

And finally, here's a great photo of Mayor Eva Lohse surrounded by the mayoral representatives from Ludwigshafen's sister cities:

Cities from left to right are Lorient, France; Pasadena, California, USA; Ludwigshafen, Germany; Antwerp, Belgium; and Dessau, Germany. Dessau was selected when that city was part of East Germany and therefore behind the Berlin Wall. Since reunification of Germany, Dessau and Ludwigshafen decided to continue their relationship even though they're now in the same country. Good idea.

Tomorrow I'll have a couple of final observations on our Sister Cities trip, and then I'll move on to other topics.


Miss Havisham said...

It's true. You are the Queen of the Blogesphere!

Aaron Proctor said...

What did you get me?

- AP