Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ICMA, Day Two

Day Two of the ICMA conference was a busy one. I ventured into the exhibitor space, with a huge number of companies and organizations showing off their products and services to local government administrators.

Like this woman representing Bolton and Menk, a company that provides engineering services.

Even my own national professional organization, 3CMA, was represented! I hung around that booth for a bit and visited with executive directors Dick and Pam Lillquist, some of their staff and a couple of other 3CMA members.

And, just like on Tuesday, the 21 city videos showing best practices were being shown in the ICMA "studio" plus on screens throughout the Richmond Convention Center, in hotel rooms, on tour buses, etc.

I attended a couple of seminars and was among hundreds fortunate enough to learn from Cokie Roberts, the keynote speaker.

Then I caught a cab and made it to the airport in time to fly home, including a four-hour layover (ugh) at Dallas/Ft. Worth. It's good to be back on terra firma.

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From de Cafe said...

PIO Ann, I love your "job."