Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Todd Ruiz

I caught up with Todd Ruiz yesterday after work. We met on the patio at McCormick & Schmick's across the street from City Hall.

Todd covered City Hall and Pasadena politics for the Star-News after the team of Gary Scott and Gene Maddaus and before Fred Ortega.

Todd's doing well and remains a fascinating guy who loves good adventures in life.

I miss his blogging. Of course, my favorite Todd Blog moment was this:

By Todd on February 7, 2008 10:35 AM |

Now for something completely silly.

I often get copied on e-mails pertaining to back-and-forth disputes, from topics serious to insane.

Recently, my inbox has witnessed a quiet feud between Lisa Derderian and Ann Erdman, of the Pasadena Fire Department and City Hall, respectively.

Both women are heads of public information duties, and it's precisely their heads at stake -- at least what's on them.

From what I've been able to reconstruct, Lisa sent this photo to Ann to rub in just how awesome her PIO helmet is:

Gripped with jealousy, Ann put her leet crafting skills to work to forge a helm worthy of her station:

Maybe now that Measure D has passed, they can give that thing a proper retrofit.


Miss Havisham said...

The man is dead sexy. If only I were ten years okay RIGHT! Fifteen...

And more of a dominatrix.

AP said...

K-Todd..he was hot.

- AP

AP said...

I know some ladies who'd like to give Todd Ruiz a retrofit. Get it? I mean sex, Ann.

Can you imagine the chicks REJECTED by Todd? They must be quite hot.

I want that surplus.

- AP

Anonymous said...

MH, you're old enuf 4 any man.

Petrea said...

I'm sure he's a very nice man, but how can you all be discussing Todd when you have before you these two glorious women and their fabulous hats?

Andre Coleman said...


Let's understand something ... During our feud I was the NUMBER 1 Reporter in this town and I am the number one stud also.

Don't get it twisted pal. The D R E lives on ...

Good to see hear you're doing well man

PWNED >:) <----- Look familiar

Anonymous said...

Anne is clearly the winner. Sparkles trump leather. Ms H, go visit the Pleasure Chest, they give lessons.

todd said...

Miss H.: I'd tell'ya what I think, but what's the old adage? Discretion Is the Better Part of My Girlfriend Might Read This?

Andre 1000: Ah, Fridays. Five days before you actually have to work again.

TNO,AP: Could only all men reap dividends from my trickle-down sex life. Er wait, that sounds really gross. (Sorry Ann! Potato tacos rule!)

Andre said...

Someday Ruiz I will destroy you - you cannot escape.

AP said...

Wait, so Andre does work the rest of the week????

Trickle down Ruiz-onomics?

andre coleman said...

Be quiet Aaron, go back to your little blog.