Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Water Conservation -- Take Action Now!

News flash -- The public hearing at City Council regarding proposed penalties for water wasters will be postponed to Sept. 22 at 7:30 p.m.

It is listed as Sept. 8 in the hard copy version of Pasadena In Focus. We have updated the website version to reflect Sept. 22 (see "Take Action Now!").

Many thanks to photographer extraordinaire Erica Rolufs of Pasadena Water and Power for shooting the photo!


Petrea said...

I hope the city moves forward on this. Voluntary rationing isn't exactly working, is it? Thanks for this post, Ann.

Anonymous said...

I know one big house somewhere behind the Gamble House that is doing a good job conserving their water for the city.
Wonderful, dry yellow lawn.

todd said...

The city may only own the submall parking area, but before Phyllis Currie puts me in leg irons for taking long showers, perhaps Paseo could be discouraged from hosing off the *entirety* of its concrete plaza *every* afternoon?

pasadenapio said...

The voluntary program calls for residents and businesses to cut their water use by 10% through the use of any or all of nine conservation measures that you'll find at There's no reason for anyone's lawn to go completely unwatered unless that is the resident's intention.

As for Paseo Colorado, I think they're using "water brooms" that sweep while using a tiny amount of highly pressurized water. These are approved for industrial use.