Monday, September 8, 2008

Public Art is Everywhere

When new development or major expansions are undertaken for public facilities and privately owned commercial buildings (with a few exceptions here and there), the Pasadena Zoning Code requires that public art must be installed, valued at a minimum of one percent of the cost of the building permit.

The installation above is untitled, made of ceramic tile by Gifford Myers on the hillside campus of Art Center College of Design.

Here's one that may be familiar to many of you -- A bench and mosaic by Margaret Nielsen at Paseo Colorado.

Maybe not so familiar is this installation at Caltech: "Water Forms" by George Baker at the Millikan Library pond.

Pauline Kamiyama is our public art coordinator. Everything goes through the Arts & Culture Commission, which conducts a competition for each project, followed by the selection of an artist. Then the commission is responsible for approving a concept that serves as the basis for the public art project.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, pio.
And informative narrative to match.
Now, please leave the office & go home.

Miss Havisham said...

Visual chocolate! Thank you.


AP said...

Looks like the ball from the Prisoner!!!!!!!!

Michael Coppess said...

Great photos all. At the Paseo, there is a cool trough of water between the bench and the tile postcards. But the best at the Paseo is the fountains in front of Macys.

AP said...

Post some pics of that hot secretary chick.

E. Garrison said...

Pauline is great, I've worked with her. Your lucky to get her.

Petrea said...

The city website has posted some good walking tours of public art.