Friday, March 13, 2009

Bicycling in Pasadena: Tell Us What You Think!

Riding a bike is a great way to exercise and save on gas while getting a closer look at our beautiful city. The more people who ride bikes, the closer Pasadena comes to meeting its green goals.

By updating the “Century of Bikes” bicycle master plan this year, the Transportation Department wants to make Pasadena one of the most bike-friendly communities in the nation, and you can help!

Whether you ride regularly, would like to ride more or plan on becoming a rider in the near future, take a minute to fill out this simple, eight-question survey.

All input will be reviewed by the Bicycle Master Plan Advisory Committee – a group of local cyclists, advocacy groups, bike shops and city commissioners with a goal of updating the plan by December 2009.

We’ve made lots of progress since the plan was first created in 2000. Sixty lane-miles of bike routes have been created citywide, and a bike map promotes available routes, parking and safety. More than 500 bike racks line the city’s major streets and hundreds more can be found at retail areas, schools, parks, community centers, libraries, the Rose Bowl Stadium, shopping centers and Metro stops, including a new storage area at the Allen Avenue Gold Line Station.

Pasadena’s Green Building Ordinance even encourages developers to include bike racks and showers in their designs.

Even with these successes, more can be done! The team is looking for more innovative ideas for helping beginning and experienced bike riders feel more visible, safe and well connected with the regional bike network.

Get involved! For more information call Rich Dilluvio, our resident expert on all things related to bikes in Pasadena, at (626) 744-7254 or email him at

You'll find lots more information about biking in Pasadena here.


altadenahiker said...

When is our next mystery history?

Petrea said...

I'll fill out the survey. I've been wanting to get a bike to do my errands around town, and am terrified because of close calls reported by my friends.

However, I will say this much: from my experience, if you put Rich Dilluvio in charge of something it's gonna get done. That guy's a gem. Go ahead and call him with your questions, people. He will probably answer the phone. If not, he'll definitely get back to you.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...
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frazgo said...

More bike only lanes with curb parking removed on key routes.

100% 24/7 bikes on goldline.

Bike only thoroughfares into city center, PCC and a few other spots interconnected.

Enforce traffic laws on bikes...they need to respect the rules of the road, especially traffic signals and stop signs to make it mesh safely for everyone.

Petrea said...

Good point, Frazgo. With cars parked in bike lanes, bikes are forced into traffic. Not good.

Margaret said...

Thanks for the notice. I'm glad the city is following through with this.

JCK said...

It is great to hear that Pasadena is doing this. I'm not very brave when it comes to urban biking, but always love to see others zooming by.

pasadenapio said...

Next Mystery History is tomorrow (Tuesday), with the answer on Thursday. I'll be doing this every other week.