Friday, March 20, 2009

My Field Rep Pals

I have always worked closely with the city council field representatives. After all, we have all the community relations in common!

One of the first things I did when I started working here in January 1991 was to call each field rep, introduce myself and ask for a guided tour of each of their districts.

The field reps have changed over the years as new council members have come and gone.

Here's a photo of the current field representatives taken shortly before Christmas when we had lunch together.

Left to right: Tina Williams, District 1 (Jacque Robinson); Margo Fuller, District 2 (Margaret McAustin); Taka Suzuki, District 6 (Steve Madison); Vannia De La Cuba, District 5 (Victor Gordo); Judy Kent (Mayor Bill Bogaard); Pam Thyret standing, District 7 (Sid Tyler); and Rhonda Stone, District 4 (Steve Haderlein). Jackie McIntyre, District 3 (Chris Holden) wasn't there but I'll snap a picture of her one of these days!

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Margaret said...

It sounds like meeting like that really help build community. Nice post.