Friday, March 20, 2009

I Left Out a Field Rep!

With apologies to Rita Moreno, here she is in Jay Blackshaw's apartment the other night. Rita was the field representative to City Councilman Bill Crowfoot

For old time's sake, here's a photo of many of the alums when we had dinner shortly before Christmas in 2007, with our dear Judith Zitter, seated third from the right.

Those in this photo who weren't able to be at our dinner at Jay's the other night are Judy Kent, seated at far left, who is Mayor Bogaard's current field representative; Suzanne Berberian, seated second from right, who was field representative to Bill Paparian and has worked for many years now as a community liaison at Pasadena Unified School District; and Joyce Streator, standing at far left, who was field representative to Chris Holden until she successfully ran for council in District 1. She's retired and very busy!

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Cafe Pasadena said...

Oh no - You must've really heard it from her!