Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pasadena's New Friendship City

Pasadena has five Sister Cities, but many people don't know that we have two Friendship Cities.

The first, established in the late 1980s, is Kasukabe, Japan.

Our newest, as of this week, is Paju, South Korea.

Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard and Paju Mayor Ryoo Hwa-Sun sealed the deal on Monday during a signing ceremony in the council chamber here at Pasadena City Hall.


West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

How wonderful---thanks for letting us know.

pbriggsiam said...

Thank you Ann for posting this! We need folks to know what's going on with all of the Sister City activities and of our new developing relationship with Paju. ALso, thank you for the nice tour of City Hall. The Paju mayor might have missed some of the nuances of your background stories, but we sure enjoyed it!

Maddie Gavel-Briggs/
Paju Friendship Sub Committee

pasadenapio said...

My pleasure, Maddie.