Monday, July 28, 2008

Dear Jane:

We miss you already and it has only been three days since your retirement party!

Former (!) City Clerk Jane Rodriguez has left the building after 35 years of public service. Service is the operative word. Jane always went out of her way to keep impeccable records, provide accurate information, help anybody out, serve the council and much more.

Former California Attorney General John Van De Kamp and his wife offered their lovely estate for the party, which was an early evening affair with a number of senior city staff, elected officials and community leaders, all of whom came to bid farewell to the best city clerk Pasadena has probably ever had. Van De Kamp was chairman of the council-appointed Task Force on Good Government several years ago, and Jane was staff liaison to that task force.

Here are some photos.

Everybody gathered in the back yard.

Claire Bogaard and Al Moses:

Richard Bruckner and Ralph McKnight (and Linda Centell in the lower left):

John Van De Kamp, Victor Gordo and Victor's son Michael:

District 5 Field Representative Vannia De La Cuba, former District 5 councilman Bill Crowfoot and PUSD Board of Education member Steve Lizardo (who is also Vannia's husband):

Mayor Bogaard and his former field representative, Betty Ho:

Former District 2 councilman Paul Little and his former field representative, Margo Fuller, who is now field rep to Margaret McAustin.

Mayor Bogaard presented Jane with an official commendation:

Margaret McAustin presented a framed photo of the famous Pasadena City Hall stairway shot by Tavo Olmos.

Jacque Robinson presented a gift from Rose Bowl Operating Company, which is partially in her district.

There's a new bundle of joy in San Diego named Jack Henry! Barney Melekian rushed down there on Friday afternoon to meet his very first grandchild and had to miss the party. Julie Gutierrez and Stephanie DeWolfe, the assistant city managers, presented Jane with her official retirement gifts from the city: a clock and a plaque, both recognizing her 35 years of service.

Jane surrounded by the sterling City Clerk's Office staff.

The Wednesday Lunch Group presented Jane with kind words and a photo. This is a group of past and present city employees who, as the name implies, have lunch together every Wednesday. Left to right: Ted Reynolds, former assistant city attorney; Steve Mermell, director of finance; Judy Kent, field representative to the mayor; Stephanie DeWolfe, assistant city manager; Jane; Larry Newberry, former assistant city attorney; yours truly; Maria Stewart, former city clerk; and Robert Person, former assistant to the city manager. Nick Rodriguez, assistant city attorney, was on his way to a wedding and couldn't be there.

Jane thanked everyone, including her children, parents, brothers and sisters, some of whom were at the table in the foreground:

Then was a small after-party at Stephanie DeWolfe's house, made up mostly of Wednesday Lunch Group past and present plus just a handful of other special guests.

Steve Mermell, Ted Reynolds and Maria Stewart:

Library Director Jan Sanders and Mark Jomsky, our new city clerk:

Project Planner Leon White and Steph's dad:

Steph's parents, who are visiting from Michigan.

Jane is now retired, footloose and fancy free!

We miss you, Jane, but we'll see you soon.

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So many pics. I'm envious. Can I borrow a few of them!

Good job - appreciate it.