Sunday, July 13, 2008

Farewell, Judith

Today was what I'm now calling the Judith Zitter Memorial Block Party. I think she would have loved that since she was, among so many other passions, all about neighborhoods.

Here, in front of the Zitter/Wrightson home in the beautiful Historic Highlands area, more than 300 friends and family gathered to share precious memories of Judith, learn from guest speakers about her special relationships with them, sing, weep, laugh and eat tamales.

It was a beautiful tribute to Judith, whose images on the front of the printed program brought tears to many people's eyes.

Jazz music was prevalent since that was one of Judith's passion. It's not clear whether her love of this genre was serendipitous or because her initials spell JAZZ.

Old friends and immediate family members shed some light on Judith from their own special perspectives, from extemporaneous remembrances to prepared notes to poems to music, including an original jazz piece composed by son Max in memory of his mother, a poem recited by daughter Erica and the reading of a letter from Neal to his beloved Judith shortly after she passed away.

We all stood and sang the famous Irish blessing that today took on a particularly soulful and sentimental tone.

Rest well, dear friend.

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