Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Original City Hall Historic 1920s Construction Photos

Note Pasadena Public Library on Walnut Street in the background. It's now called Pasadena Central Library because there are nine branches throughout the community.

Here's a shot with All Saints Church on Euclid Avenue.

The building on the right in the background with the tower is First Baptist Church at the southwest corner of Marengo Avenue and Holly Street.

I'll show you some more another time. This is fun!


Anonymous said...

Ann, make the, "another time", asap! It sure is fun...and addictive.

dtrader said...

Yes, please put up more pictures, asap. It's amazing to see the landscape around the construction site! Thanks!

West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

Old photos of Pasadena are so fun. City Hall is such an iconic presence in Pasadena, and it's amazing to think that people actually built it!

Palm Axis said...

Beautiful. Oftentimes photos from the past don't have a lot of punch. Whoever shot these had a good eye. The image of the dome being constructed is wonderful.