Thursday, July 31, 2008

Historic City Hall 1920s Construction Photos, Continued

I think this must have been shot from the top of All Saints. Petrea over at Pasadena Daily Photo had a couple of great posts last week showing St. Andrew's Church, and it inspired me to find this photo. That's the St. Andrew's Church tower in background, mid-right. I'm not sure what the church is on the far right. Maybe Pasadena Congregational at the southeast corner of Los Robles and Walnut? Anybody have a better guess?

No hard hats, no knee pads, no steel-toed boots, no nail guns. Just hard, honest work.

Oh, my aching back!


Anonymous said...

So, this would have been, what, the 1920's??

Thanks for the pics.

pasadenapio said...

Yes, 1927.

Palm Axis said...

My favorite photo from this grouping is the last one overlooking that white clapboard house. I have to wonder, have you ever been approached by someone who may have had relatives who worked on the site?

pasadenapio said...

One of our former volunteers in the City Hall information booth, Vivian Perez, told me several times that her grandfather would drive past the finished building with members of the family to show off his work. This was when she was a young girl. She wasn't sure what type of work he did, but the family was very proud.

I've also heard from a few others through the years, but not many.