Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Brother the Music Teacher

I've been thinking about my youngest brother Jamie (James Easley) alot today. He has severe tendonitis or some such thing in his wrist and has been trying to deal with that. When I was home in Bonita (near San Diego) last weekend, he told me it was becoming unbearable. I told him he'd have to break down and see a doctor, which he hates.

Here he is with his wife Annie, their children Christopher (in the cap) and Jesse, and my niece Tara, who is my brother Rick's daughter. This was at my dad's house a few months ago on Sunday Family Dinner Night, which we do every week. There were about 15 people that evening!

Jamie's a very busy guy who is living his dream. He got his degrees in music and education many years ago from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. Now he teaches music -- chorus, band and orchestra -- at Tiffany Elementary School in Chula Vista. But that's not all. He teaches an after-school music program. Plus he's the director of music at Chula Vista Congregational Church, which entails lots of planning, leading choir practice every Thursday evening and directing the choir and sometimes a small orchestra on Sunday mornings. Oh, and he gives private piano lessons.

I don't know how he does it! But teaching music to children is in his heart and his soul. I love the bumper sticker on his car, which says it all:

I love my siblings -- sister Charlou, brother Rick and brother Jamie. Just thought I share since Jamie's on my mind.


AP said...

I can read that bumper sticker :-)

- Aaron "Trouble Clef" Proctor

pasadenapio said...

Me, too!

meandering said...

I can read the bumpersticker too. Blasted accordian lessons were worth something after all.

Hope your bro works through it all fast!